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Restoration Updates

October 2006

Restoration progress over the summer months has been slower than expected. The intense heat-wave not only brought work to a halt but also damaged some of the recently preplaced panelling in the corridor and this has had to be repaired. Another case of one step forward and two steps back!

However, by September lost ground began to be made up. The luggage racks were all fitted and work in the corridor was again advancing forward. After several days of preparation Rob Massey, who had been varnishing the exterior of GN 2701, was able to apply two exterior coats of varnish to 7960. Colin Jenkins continue to line and letter the river side of the coach and by the end of October this was nearly finished. Colin received a helping hand from Bob Timmins, who not only provided the stencils for lettering RESTAURANT CAR, but has also started the lettering on the car park side. It must be well over 30 years since Rob Massey, Colin Jenkins, Bob Timmins and myself have worked on the same carriage. If only our joints were as supple now as they were in those pioneering days at Bewdley when the C&W Department was being established!



Bob Timmins lettering car park side of the coach.



Two views of river-side of 7960 following completion of lining and lettering by Colin Jenkins.



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