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9369 Churchward nondescript saloon


9369 at Bridgnorth, April 2005. Photo: Paul Bennett

Completed March 1923 to Diagram G56, Lot 1250.

Churchward saloon unclassed built in 1923. Purchased in 1972 from Walsall. This was among the very last toplights to be built; it had in fact been ordered in 1915. Again used for private hire. It ended its days as a mobile office. It is now fully restored and running on the Valley.


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9369 - click to open larger image in a new window

9369 at Kidderminster Town 2004.
Photo: Paul Bennett

9369 Restoration

9369 - click to open larger image in a new window

Restoration started soon after arrival in 1972 by John Tarrant and a small team. By 1975 the body framework and been repaired and all the panels below the waist replaced, mainly by re-using roof panels from broken up Autotrailer No 160.



9369 - click to open larger image in a new window

With re-paneling complete, work concentrated on rebuilding the interior. Only one saloon remained intact, although in a damaged state, the other saloon, the compartment, the brake and the two lavatories required complete rebuilding.



9369 returned to traffic in 1983, initially in Collett's simplified Chocolate and Cream livery with single waistband lining. Later, in 1986, it received the elaborate 1923 style livery with full pseudo panel lining and garter crest. It now carries the double lined 1931 livery with the twin shields.
Photos: Colin Jenkins

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