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650 Collett Open Brake Third


Restored Collett Open Excursion Brake 650 was launched into traffic with a Special run on Sunday 11th October 2015. Photo: Dave Smith.


650 under restoration at Bewdley 2012. Photo: Gareth C Price.

Completed April 1940 to Diagram D130, Lot 1644.

Collett open brake third. Built 1940. Purchased in 1989 from Kerne Bridge. This carriage is one of two built to run with the final excursion sets although by the time they were built, they went straight into general use. This carriage ended its days as a dormitory for the Gloucester Boys Club at Kerne Bridge station, long shut. It was first moved to the sugar beet factory in Kidderminster being moved to the Valley when the sugar beet closed down.

Following years of dedicated restoration 650 was launched into service October 2015 and is now usually part Severn Valley Limited dining set.

Also see the 650 restoration pages.

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650 in Kidderminster carriage shed - click to open larger image in a new window

650 waits in the dark of Kidderminster carriage shed, April 2004.

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