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6045 Collett Corridor Composite


6045 alongside Kidderminster carriage shed, February 2005. Photo: Colin Jenkins.

6045A corridor composite completed to bow-ended profile in August 1928 in a build of 56 vehicles to Lot 1382, diagram E132. It consisted of four 1st class compartments seating 24 and three 3rd class compartments also seating 24. There were toilets at each end and doors to each compartment on the non-corridor side. It was acquired in 1972 when based at Bristol and has been patiently waiting in the queue for restoration which has now commenced. Parts have been made but funds are needed for a new floor, bodywork, interior fittings and mechanical work. As the only vehicle of its type remaining it is of historical importance.

2019 update: restoration should be finished early in 2020 with completion of the overhauled bogies. Regular updates are posted on the 6045 restoration page.

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6045 photographed at Bewdley 1972. PHOTO: Colin Jenkins


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