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5043 Collett third

Completed in June 1928 to diagram C54 (bow-ended stock) as part of Lot 1383. A full third which seated 64 passengers in 8 compartments with a side corridor and end toilets. Together with brake thirds and composites, it was used on cross country and express services until the late 1950s. It was converted for departmental use in 1963 with various doors and windows blanked off. Acquired by the 2857 society, it moved to the SVR in October 1981. Since then it has been used as their workshop and store.

In 2014 ownership passed to the Association where it continued in use as a workshop. In 2017 the GW(SVR)A transferred 5043 to the Holdings Company for conversion into a GW Buffet/Invalid saloon to diagram H33. Details of the project are here.

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5043 in use as the 2857 Society's workshop at Bewdley. Photo: Martin Imber

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