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3930 Churchward third


3930 at Bewdley following repaint, September 2007. Photo: Colin Jenkins.

Completed in November 1914 to Diagram C32, Lot 1246.

Churchward third built in 1914. Purchased in 1967 from Barry. This was among the final toplights to be built with a number of improvements to the design. It ended its days on BR as a messing and sleeping van. It lay untouched for a number years whilst better carriages were restored. It took five years of work to finally restore it to its original condition, but the effort has been worth it.

Further Reading: Colin Jenkins wrote a comprehensive article detailing the restoration of 3930 in Great Western Railway Journal No27 Summer 1998 (Wild Swan).


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A closer view of the 2007 repaint with destination roof boards, full Churchward period lined livery, garter and supporters. Photo: Colin Jenkins.

3930 - click to open larger image in a new window

3930 at Kidderminster 2004 as part of the Severn Valley Limited diner. Viewed from the compartment side. Photo: Paul Bennett


Interior Views

3930 Corridor   3930 Compartment   3930 Compartment
A view along the corridor, this makes an interesting comparison to the shot below when first purchased.   Two views of the restored compartments. The upholstery has been especially woven to a 1925 GWR design know as Cauliflower.


These photos, taken by Colin Jenkins, show some of the initial restoration work carried out when the coach first arrived at Bewdley back in 1969.

3930 corridor - 1967

A view down the corridor of 3930 when first purchased at Barry directly from departmental service. 1967.


Compartment door - 1969.

One of the surviving original compartment doors. 1969.



Compartment  - 1969.

A view through(!) a compartment. A surviving heat valve can just be seen on the compartment wall. 1969.


3930 Compartment

Three of the 8 compartments and a toilet had been removed to create a mess area, the other five compartments remained as dormitories. Here work is in hand replacing the missing compartments.


End panels - 1969

Work in hand repairing the frame work and end panelling. The corridor connection had been panelled over in departmental days. Bewdley 1969.


Temporary livery '70s

By the mid '70s restoration had progressed far enough for a temporary coat of paint and lettering to enable it to take part in filming work, this included the BBC's adaptation of Charles Dickens' The Signalman with Denholm Elliott first shown Christmas 1976.


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